Announcement: Why I’m Not Posting So Much

Hello, anyone who might be reading this for whatever reason. I haven’t been very consistent lately. There are reasons. For about two months, I had a pain in my jaw which was finally diagnosed as a huge cavity that had gotten beneath a filling in one of my backmost molars. It was infected and making me pretty miserable. So on that front, I was having trouble keeping up. I tried to have posts scheduled ahead of time, but I was pretty worn out, and it was hard.

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It (2017) Review: A Fan’s Perspective


It by Stephen King is one of my favorite books of all time. It has stayed in my top five all these years, and it’s actually time for a reread to confirm that it keeps that place. Still, it was a forgone conclusion that I had to see this. I couldn’t let a fresh adaptation go by without a watch, and the reviews were all so positive I knew it was a safe bet. And it absolutely was. But I want to unpack all my feelings about this new film, and that’s going to involve spoilers whether we like it or not. For the new film, the book, and maybe even a little of the 1990 miniseries thrown in.

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Blood-Splattered Bingo: A Readathon for October 2017


I don’t normally do this, but I decided, with Halloween being my favorite holiday, I wanted to make an October reading bingo card. There’s nothing super official, but if you want to let me know in the comments here that you’re using it, that would be very cool. But it’s simply for fun. I like really chilled out readalongs where you create your own personal challenges about what you want to accomplish. It’s more or less just a loose, month-long challenge to read the nastiest of the nasties in October.

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August 2017 Reading Wrap-Up


Kissing the Bee by Kathe Koja (My Rating: 4/5) I don’t read a lot of young adult contemporary, but Koja could convince me to read anything, whether it’s in my comfort zone or not. Her writing is beautiful and poetic. Her grasp on characterization is unique, and her characters always have a profound arc that plays throughout the story. I have yet to read a book by her that’s let me down. I prefer her horror novels from earlier in her career, but after reading this and Buddha Boy, I’m convinced that I need to keep reading her YA contributions. She writes about that feeling of being a teen wracked with emotion, when everything feels like the end of the world, with such incredible impact. It immediately takes me back to that time, conjuring my own memories in the process of reading.

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#TFW: Books from Before Goodreads


Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This week’s topic is about the books you read before you started discussing books online. I decided for the bar to be set before I joined Goodreads, since that’s when I started doing star ratings and reviews. These aren’t necessarily my favorite books from before I started sharing my reading online. This is me taking the opportunity to talk about some books I haven’t read in a long time that should be talked about and read more. So let’s do this.

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The Labyrinth Book Tag


When I heard there was a Labyrinth themed book tag, you better believe that I knew I had to do it. This tag was created by Pages and Pens. Let’s get started!

1. Sarah: A character that found strength without a love interest. 

Jessie Burlingame from Gerald’s Game by Stephen King. Her husband was mainly just a problem for her, and the situation she ends up in is because of him. Despite that, she manages to find the strength within herself to escape and face her demons.

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