Blood-Splattered Bingo: My TBR


So now that I’ve shared the bingo card and laid out the challenges and so on, it’s time for me to share my projected TBR. I say projected, because my TBRs tend to shift with my mood. But for the moment, this is what I plan to read for this challenge.

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Vampiric Reads: My TBR (Part 2)


Welcome to part two of my vampire TBR. If you missed it, check out part one. There are plenty more I intend to get to in the hopes of expanding my vampire library. Let’s get going.

Vivia by Tanith Lee. As with all of Lee’s vampire stories, this sounds gorgeous and different from the bloodsuckers we’re used to. Funny story about this one. I actually received it from a friend who is utterly terrified of vampires. She started reading it not knowing it was about that, then immediately chucked it in my direction. I still haven’t read it, but I need to prioritize it.

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Vampiric Reads: My TBR (Part 1)


Welcome to the first of two posts that talk about the vampire reads I’m hoping to get to. Obviously I can’t review these yet, but I can tell you why they look interesting to me. I’ll also be linking these so you can look at the summaries. So let’s get started.

Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Aztec vampires? Yes, please. That’s exactly the kind of thing this sub-genre needs. A different set of folklore to pull from to breathe new life into an old monster. It sounds like it’s full of culture and history that will be really engaging even without vampires, so this one’s on the wishlist.

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TBR: Spoopy Reads


I don’t normally do TBRs, because I don’t like feeling hemmed in by choices I made that might not interest me in the moment. I’m a total mood reader. For October, on the other hand, I dedicate myself to reading nothing but horror. The TBR system works pretty well for me in this one case, because horror is my jam. I’m always in the mood for it, and even books I don’t like satisfy my craving for it.

So here are several books I’m eying for this Halloween season. Will they all get read? Maybe, maybe not. I always give myself a big pile so that I’ll have some choice.

Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco. I appear to be already reading this. My Goodreads account doesn’t reflect that, because it was a spontaneous decision. This is the story of a family of three who are going to house-sit a haunted mansion for a few months, and it was written before The Shining. My curiosity was too high to deny it, so probably expect this in the September wrap-up.

This Book Is Full Of Spiders by David Wong. This is the sequel to John Dies at the End, a book I read last year and fell completely in love with. I’ve been meaning to get to this for months, so this is a pretty sure thing. I want to see what David and John are up to and also catch up before the third book comes out. Here’s hoping this series goes on indefinitely, simply because I want it to.

Death Instinct by Bentley Little. I already started this one a couple months ago, and I really should finish it. I balked because it’s not one of his better ones. I think I’ve solved the mystery already, and if I’m right, it’s a disappointing plot twist. But I want to give it a chance. I want to see if I’m the sleuth I think I am. This is a strong maybe.

The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores by Danielle Vega. That’s a mouthful. I read the first book a few months ago, and it was a wonderful, nasty time. For YA horror, it sure didn’t pull a single punch. It’s time to complete the duology and see what the aftermath of that madness was like. I haven’t heard very encouraging things, but I want to see for myself.

After the People Lights Have Gone Off by Stephen Graham Jones. It’s always good to have a short story collection in the mix, since I read those at a quick pace. This is a recent purchase, meaning I’m freshly excited about it, so it’s likely to get read. Also, there’s a werewolf story in here? I say that tentatively (because I’m not entirely sure) but also with palpable excitement.

Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino. This is one of those books that’s been sitting on my shelf for too long. It’s time to tackle it. I’ve been wanting to get into more Japanese horror, and this one is highly regarded. It’s also good to have a thriller on hand, since they tend to be quick, involving reads. This promises to have that “the narrator is a bit off” vibe that I love my thrillers to have, so I’m eager to try this out.

Baal by Robert McCammon. This is one of those times I’m glad I’m a blogger and not a vlogger. Because don’t even ask me to pronounce that title. I haven’t read a ton of McCammon, and I’m trying to rectify that, but what I have read has been mostly great. This one keeps staring at me, calling to me for some reason… Should I be worried?

Strange Angels by Kathe Koja. Another thriller. This one is about art and mental illness and all the twisted things in-between. I love Koja’s lyrical style and the dark subjects she tackles. She has a gift for giving you the shivers unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve been meaning to read another of her novels, and this is the perfect excuse.

Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler. I gotta have a vampire book in there. This is an author I’ve been meaning to get into, though I’ve heard this maybe isn’t the place to start. However I end up feeling about this book, I promise I won’t let it be the only chance I give her. I’ve heard this one is very disturbing, because we’re dealing with a rather young vampire here, but disturbing is what I signed up for. We shall see.

There are so many more I could list, but I think I’m being very ambitious even listing this many. If I read more than what I have here or even make different choices down the line, it’ll be in the wrap-up. For now, these are the ones calling to me.

Thanks for checking out my spoopy TBR. If you want to support this blog, have a look at my Redbubble shop. As always, happy geeking!