Comic Con Haul

Extra special post today! Yesterday, I went to a local comic convention, and I picked up a few things I thought I would share. I had a very particular agenda for this convention. I wanted to get the kind of stuff that you can’t buy on Amazon. Believe me, there were comics and action figures galore, but I was all about the handmade treasures this time.

For instance, that necklace. It’s a pink dragon’s eye, and I’d never seen anything like it before. Not even online. So I snagged it. It was made by Fantastic Menageries, and there’s a link to their Etsy. Though sadly I didn’t see any of the dragon eye necklaces she had at the convention listed there. It’s why getting out to the conventions is so important. You never know what you might be missing.

Then there’s the Cthulhu art. I’ve been on a Lovecraft kick lately, and I got lucky that this convention fed my obsession. The vector art was made by Geek Mountain, and the hilarious and adorable convertible art is by DungeonWears.Com. He was a very nice guy, by the way. Was thrilled I even knew who Cthulhu was, and I got a kick out of his excitement.

Then lastly, the various fantasy and fairy tale art. I couldn’t walk away with just one piece. The artist, Madalyn McLeod, was selling them 5 for $10, and that seemed incredibly worth it to me. She had so much beautiful work that I wish I’d had a hundred dollars to spend just at her table.

Check out those links. Supports these amazing artists and creators. Support your local conventions when they come your way. And as always, happy geeking!