Announcement: Why I’m Not Posting So Much

Hello, anyone who might be reading this for whatever reason. I haven’t been very consistent lately. There are reasons. For about two months, I had a pain in my jaw which was finally diagnosed as a huge cavity that had gotten beneath a filling in one of my backmost molars. It was infected and making me pretty miserable. So on that front, I was having trouble keeping up. I tried to have posts scheduled ahead of time, but I was pretty worn out, and it was hard.

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Announcement: New Job

I don’t normally come on here to talk about real life in any capacity, but this deserves noting. Mainly because I don’t know yet how it will affect this blog. I’m starting a new job soon. I’m nervous and excited and all the things. And while I have a backlog of articles to go up here until the end of May, I’m unsure yet how my schedule might change. If the load on this blog might lighten. If the days I put things up will be different. If everything will remain exactly the same and there was no point in talking about it. Dunno! Just know if you see no post on a day when you expected a post, this explains it. I’m all good, safe and sound, but busier than I was previously.

Also, my new job is in a library. Squee!