#T5W: Book Covers I’d Live In


Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. Today we’re discussing book covers that are so compelling and beautiful, I’d gladly jump in and live there. Or maybe visit. Yes, as usual, I have to be a little contrary about it. I mean, most of these worlds don’t have an internet connection, you feel me? So let’s get started!


5. First up, the beautiful, wrap-around cover for the seventh Dark Tower book by Stephen King. I think this is just my fannish need to actually see the eponymous Tower for myself, to walk in that field of roses. And there’s Roland! We could hang out! Maybe not live there. Roland’s world is not ideal for living arrangements, but to experience it even for a bit would be mind-blowing.

t5w_bc34. I know this looks a little creepy and foreboding, but it perfectly represents the story of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. In that it’s about a version of London that exists below the London most are familiar with, and people can fall through the cracks and experience horrors and wonders. I love how mysterious and vaguely gothic this cover looks, which makes the whole thing even more tempting for me. As the book perfectly illustrates, it would at least be a fantastic place to have an adventure.


t5w_bc43. This is the part where it becomes obvious that I just want to live in a castle. But who wouldn’t? And especially one as lush and Taj-Mahal-ish as this golden castle featured on Night’s Master by Tanith Lee. I’d even want to discover it like the guy in the cover is. Slip past some rocky terrain and suddenly, bam! That beautiful place, so full of promise. If your list doesn’t have at least one cover with a palace, you’re lying to yourself. Mine happens to have two, so moving right along.


t5w_bc22. Another beautiful wrap-around cover, this time for Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Look at that landscape. It’s gorgeous. And deadly. Yes, I’ve read the book. I know. But it’s just so pretty. I’m also aware that the Shrike is standing right there, ready to eviscerate me as soon as I step in. If I could just scoot past him, that’d be fine. Beauty blinds me to a lot. I think we’re discovering this together, you and I.

t5w_bc51. And my number one choice… A book I haven’t even read yet. Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones. But I have seen the film, so I’m familiar with what’s going on here. And I’d loved to live there. A walking castle. Even better than a stationary castle. It’s very Baba-Yaga-esque, and if she can handle a walking house, then surely I can. I think it would have the same charm as living on a boat, if I could manage not to get motion sick in the process. I’m actually starting to ruin the charm as I analyze. It would be fun. That’s all that should be said.

And that’s my list! Thank you for reading, and as always, happy geeking.

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