Series I Want To Start



A little while ago, I talked about some series I want to finish, which is… no longer entirely up-to-date or accurate. But I now want to address the series that are calling to me as the next I should try. Emphasis on try, because I only finish things when they appeal to me enough to do so. Let’s get started!

The Unicorn Series by Tanith Lee. I usually have a Tanith Lee series going at all times. This is a rare moment when I don’t, and this one wants to be the next I pick up. It’s a young adult series that I don’t know much about beyond magic and unicorns. Really that’s all I need to know, because Lee rarely ever lets me down.

Luna by Ian McDonald. This is a science fiction series (I don’t actually know how many books there will be before it’s over, but two are out so far) set on the moon. It revolves around some families that, from my understanding, operate a bit like the mob. That sounds pretty wonderful, and I’ve heard great things. I have the first book, and it keeps calling to me.

Otherland by Tad Williams. Another science fiction series, this one focused on gaming and virtual reality. The only thing really holding me back is that I’m still in the middle of The War of the Flowers, a standalone by him. And I can’t decide if I should DNF it or not. You can imagine that makes it hard to decide when I should try this one out. But it does still intrigue me.

Seed to Harvest by Octavia E. Butler. After finishing Lilith’s Brood and Kindred, I’m dying to read more of Butler’s work. This is definitely next on the list, and the priority is high. I want to wrap up a couple of other series, but this one demands to be read. It’s about psychics and gods and goddesses, and it sounds bonkers and amazing.

Descender by Jeff Lemire. While having more than one comic series to collect at one time can get daunting for me, and I am looking at reading through Saga, I don’t know how much longer I can wait on this. I love Lemire’s stories, and this one sounds as great as Sweet Tooth was. With robots and AI and all kinds of wild shenanigans. And probably a story that will break my heart.

A Song Called Youth by John Shirley. Also known as The Eclipse Series. This is one of his cyberpunk projects that helped shape the genre, and I’m very interested in exploring that. Knowing Shirley, it will be very weird and extreme in every sense but never boring. I’m a little intimidated by it, but I also can stop staring at it on my shelves.

There are others, of course, but these are the ones that I want to prioritize. So many series, too little time, am I right? Thank you for reading, and happy geeking!

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