Discussion: Redemption Arcs


This is a response to this video made by Thoughts on Tomes where she broaches the topic of redemption arcs in stories. To clarify exactly what we’re talking about, when a character begins a story as a villain or a generally “bad person” who has done terrible things, but down the line they redeem themselves. I had some thoughts about this topic, and I wanted to also see what other people think.

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#T5W: Favorite Unlikable Characters


Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. Today we’re discussing “unlikable” characters. I’ve chosen this list based on the way I’ve seen other readers respond to these characters. For me, “unlikable” is not a good way to ever describe a character. It’s a catch-all term that has been overused until its meaning has become “someone I personally don’t like.” So let’s explore that, shall we?

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Currently Reading


Allow me to give a little update before I get into this one. I did an announcement about getting a new job, and it’s gone really well, and I’m enjoying it a lot. It also resulted in me catching a bad cold, because I was working very closely with the public for the first time in ages. I’m getting better, but it’s been a drain, since I’ve been pushing through to work sick. That means I ran out of backlog posts, and now I’m befuddled about where to start again. So then let’s start easy. What am I currently reading?

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Reading Wrap-Up: May 2017


Dawn by Octavia E. Butler (My Rating: 5/5) When you love a book on the level that I loved this, it’s hard to discuss. How do I impart to you that I’ve been waiting for a book like this for so long? Something suitably weird with great world-building and an incredibly strong and well-written lead character. This book covers all those needs. Butler even managed to write the exposition regarding the aliens and all their ins and outs without boring me for even a single second. I’m not sure how you do that. Info dumps are the worst, but every moment of hers are fascinating here. Then halfway through the book, it gets even better. The core of humanity’s deepest problems is explored with lots of conflict and a really surprising climax. This book is perfect. There’s no other word that will suffice. I can’t wait to get to the second one in the trilogy.

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