#T5W: Fandoms I’m No Longer In


Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This time we’re talking about fandoms. Oh, fandoms. Those things that have such enormous highs and lows. That can fire up your interest in something until it becomes obsession or kill you’re enthusiasm so completely you never want to think about it ever again. I’ve seen some stuff. I’ve been in the mud and the blood when it comes to fandoms, for better or for worse. There are some I’ve stuck by, but this isn’t about that. These are the ones that I had to leave behind.

5. The Walking Dead. I was part of this one for such a short time I wonder if it even counts. I watched until halfway through season two, and I lost interest. It was a nihilistic show that was starting to get boring on me, and I couldn’t keep doing it every week. Not to mention the fans were doing that typical of thing of hating the female characters with a fiery passion and loving the men for the same reasons they hate the women, and I’m simply not into that. This could also extend to the comics. I tried them, and I found I wasn’t passionate enough about the story or characters to keep going.

4. Game of Thrones (The Show). I’m still very much a fan of the books. It’s the show that lost me. Mostly for those book-obsessed reasons. They changed too much. Here’s where I show what a weirdo I am. I am in love with Barristan Selmy. He’s the bee’s knees. They changed something I considered sort of essential about his story, and on top of a lot of other changes I wasn’t keen on, it became the last straw. I dropped it like a hot potato and have stuck with the books instead.

3. Sherlock. This one hurts. I was really, really into this show. Like a lot of people. I’m not alone here. But somewhere between season three and four, the fandom went sort of nuts. More so than usual. It was always a weird place to inhabit, but it started to get ugly. That combined with everything I heard about season four totally alienated me. Yeah, I didn’t even watch the latest season. I just bailed. Too much drama, both in the show and with its fanbase.

2. Supernatural. The fandom for this show is notoriously difficult, and I saw my share, but that’s definitely not why I left. After season five, the show lost any sense of direction. The story had essentially been told, and season six was grasping at straws badly. I heard that around season eight, it got better, but by then they’d already lost me. Like all shows trying to stay relevant, they started killing characters left and right in the name of drama. Nope. Not interested.

1. Heroes. Man, that first season! And then… Those are paraphrased words you’ll hear from a lot of former Heroes fans. Started with such an incredible bang. And then fizzled out. Partly because of the writer’s strike. I’ve not seen a show that was so effectively destroyed by the writer’s strike as this one. Not to mention that with the popularity of season one’s cast, the initial idea that every season would have a different cast was immediately tossed out. With it went their plans, and you could tell. For something to go from being so tightly written to a mess in that little time is nothing short of shocking.

Those are the sad fandom breakups I’ve endured. Thank you for reading, and as always, happy geeking!

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9 thoughts on “#T5W: Fandoms I’m No Longer In

  1. Destiny @ Howling Libraries says:

    I was such a major TWD fan up until the end of season five or so, but now, I just can’t enjoy it anymore. 😦 I’m glad I’m not alone. I feel like, most of the time, when I tell someone I don’t love TWD anymore, they’re like, WHAT?!?! People think, because I love horror and zombies, I’m supposed to be a diehard TWD fan, but that show’s lost so much of the horror aspect I loved it for in the beginning. I feel like it’s mostly just a drama now. Sigh.


    • quillsblog says:

      It’s hard being a horror fan when something gets so unbelievably popular, and you’re either not that into it or fall out of love with it. Horror is like anything else. We all love different things for different reasons. But yeah, I’ve gotten that feeling as well. That if you love the genre, you should love TWD, and I’m just not on that train.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bofinkins says:

    I completely agree with you on Game of Thrones. That show has some serious logical failures and it’s a piss poor adaptation.
    I stuck around until season 5, but the changes to Sansa’s characterization were the last straw for me.


    • quillsblog says:

      I kept trying to look past what they were doing, but they seemed so much more interested in being sensational and keeping their viewers talking. I started getting weirded out early when they had characters giving exposition during random sex scenes. Clearly underestimating their audience’s ability to pay attention. And then they kept changing more and more of the source material, and for what? Drama. That was about it.


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