#T5W: Favorite Minor Characters


Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This time we’re talking about minor characters. Those people that pop up in the background, say a few lines, and steal your heart. By their very nature, there probably won’t be a lot to say about any given one, other than I wanted more than what we received. Let’s get started.

5. Destiny from The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. It’s actually a shame Destiny is such a background character. I admit that the very nature of him makes it so it’s hard to come up with something for him to do. Because he doesn’t do anything. He mostly just is. But I find the concept of him fascinating, and I’d actually love to see more interactions between him and Death. They do sort of go hand-in-hand.

4. The Twilight Lady from Watchmen by Alan Moore. From what I understand, she does get something like her due in the prequel comics and a video game they put out, but in the main comic itself, she’s simply a story Dan tells. A very intriguing story. She was basically the Catwoman to his Batman, and there’s nothing that calls my name more than that.

3. Severard from The First Law Series by Joe Abercrombie. If you’ve read the initial trilogy that kick-starts this series, then you’ll know this one is kind of tragic. I don’t feel that’s much of a spoiler, considering Abercrombie without dark tragedy would be an off day for him. Even Severard’s story ending the way it did, I still thought he was fantastic and wish there’d been more of him.

2. Nimrod from Weaveworld by Clive Barker. This one is so intense, he was actually my favorite character from the book. Imagine my sour face when his introduction and a brief scene later are all we see of him. He was amazingly fun and stealing the show right out of the gate. I could’ve read a whole book about his antics.

1. Rhaegar Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. He doesn’t even live to see the series begin, but I freaking love this guy. Every story we hear about him, he gets more and more awesome. Until you actually start to grieve for a character you didn’t even get to see in action. Until you wish he was around to show most of these other characters how it’s done. I need a prequel with him and Lyanna, and I don’t care how I get it.

Those are my picks. Thank you for reading, and as always, happy geeking!

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