The Wishlist Book Tag


This tag was created by Kingdom Book Blog, and I was tagged by The Book Prophet. A big thank you for tagging me, because this is a fun one. It’s all about books that are on your wishlist. Let’s get going!

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#T5W: Authors I Want To Read More From


Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This time we’re talking about authors I’ve read and would love to read more of. I’m a big proponent of reading full bibliographies of authors. I’ve done it and am in the process of doing it a few times, but here are the ones I need to give that same love and attention.

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Readathon: Tome Topple


I’m going to participate in the latest Tome Topple Readathon (click that link for the announcement video with all the rules and challenges). It will be taking place between April 7 – April 20, and the idea is to read books over 500 pages. It is rare for me to join in a reading challenge, since I’m such a mood reader, but this felt like a good opportunity to tackle some of the larger books I own. So let’s get into my TBR.

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Reading Wrap-Up: March 2017


Over the Edge by Harlan Ellison (My Rating: 3.5/5) I could point new readers to specific collections that are best to start with for Ellison (Angry Candy or Slippage would both be great), but this is not one. This is for the people, like myself, who are established fans and determined to read as much of his work as possible. In part, I say that because this collection was fairly up and down. “Xenogenesis” and “Blind Lightning” are both worth owning the book for, but the rest were either featured in other collections that are better or not that impressive. This collection also didn’t have a unifying theme of any kind. There was science fiction and fantasy and non-fiction and crime thrillers, and at some point it started to feel scattered to me. There’s also the non-fiction essay “3 Faces of Fear” that was long-winded, repetitive, and full of harsher in hindsight moments that made me cringe. For hardcore fans only.

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