Vampiric Reads: My TBR (Part 1)


Welcome to the first of two posts that talk about the vampire reads I’m hoping to get to. Obviously I can’t review these yet, but I can tell you why they look interesting to me. I’ll also be linking these so you can look at the summaries. So let’s get started.

Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Aztec vampires? Yes, please. That’s exactly the kind of thing this sub-genre needs. A different set of folklore to pull from to breathe new life into an old monster. It sounds like it’s full of culture and history that will be really engaging even without vampires, so this one’s on the wishlist.

Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. This one is a gimme. I read the first two books in The Vampire Chronicles, and here I sit still needing to read the third. There’s a tiny bit of shame that goes along with that. It must be said that while Rice’s ideas are amazing and her character are memorable, her prose can be a slog. Rest assured, I will get to this though.

Necroscope by Brian Lumley. There are two reasons I haven’t gotten to this yet. The first being that it’s the beginning of a long series, which is always daunting. The second being that while the idea of this intrigues me, it sounds like something that could easily be… a little silly. I’m hopeful I can suspend disbelief for Soviet spy necromancers, but we’ll see. Still, it’s considered a must read from horror fans, so I do want to attempt it.

The Golden by Lucius Shepard. The idea of a mystery that just so happens to part of a weird setting or the detective is [insert weird creature here] is rarely enough to pull me in. In this case, I was seeing a lot of reviewers talk about how off-the-wall and bizarre the book gets, and that grabbed me. Plus, the mystery does actually sound weird in itself. Hopefully it is as good as it sounds unique.

Blood 20 by Tanith Lee. This one is a short story collection putting together a bunch of vampire stories Lee wrote. Her vampires are often my favorite, so I’m eager to see what this book holds. The most exciting story, I think, is the one that ties in with her Blood Opera Sequence titled “Scarabesque, The Girl Who Broke Dracula”.

The Radleys by Matt Haig. This one sounds kind of fun actually, and that’s rare in the vampire genre. It’s about a family of vampires trying not to break the masquerade, essentially. I can go either way with light, funny books, but with the dark trappings, it should be the kind I’ll love.

Throat Sprockets by Tim Lucas. This one might be about vampires. The person I originally got the recommendation from (years ago) was being very vague, but it sounded like it was vampiric. Maybe in that same way the film Vampire’s Kiss is. I love the idea of throwing psychological horror in the mix, if that’s the case, so either way, this one’s on the wishlist.

Dracula, My Love by Syrie James. Everyone needs a little cheese on their list. My main concern is that I never went in for that film version of Mina who was actually in love with Dracula. This may not do any convincing either, but I still would like to try it. Give it a fair shake.

That’s all for now. Tune in next time for more of my Vampire TBR. Until then, happy geeking!

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