This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours Tag


This tag was created by  Drew @ TheTattooedBookGeek, and it looks like a fun one to me. In essence, I answer some questions about my favorite genre (pssst, it’s horror!), give some recommendations, and generally prop up what I love to read most. So let’s get started.

1. What is your favorite genre?

Horror. I could get pretty specific here and narrow it down maybe, but anything that could conceivably fall under the horror category is something that at least draws my interest. How I can easily tell that it’s my favorite is that most other genres, I’m not as forgiving. If I dislike a horror novel, even hate it, I’m still likely to finish it and let it inform my opinions about the genre overall, which is ultimately helpful. I’m also willing to take more chances on horror. Even books other people seem to hate, I find myself unswayed by their opinions and wanting to give it a try. Whereas with something like, say, science fiction or high fantasy, I’m far more picky.

2. Who is your favorite author from the genre?

I have many, but I’ll say Stephen King. I’ve read most of his bibliography, which is vast. I’ve also loved most of it. His novels are character driven with fantastic plots and very original scares. Even though I find very long books daunting sometimes, he’s the only author that can write a thousand pages and have me wishing it was longer. I highly recommend It, Gerald’s Game, and Desperation as some favorites.

3. What is it about the genre that keeps pulling you back?

I think I might have a fascination with fear. Both my own and the way other people react to frightening situations. Horror is a safe place to explore things like pain and death and whatever it is you’re afraid of. To ponder those things without facing their consequences. It’s an exploration of the most taboo subjects humankind still has. Yes, it might frighten you. It might even give you nightmares. Yet in a way it makes you stronger afterward. It makes the darkness easier to face, and it can even put your own life into perspective when you begin to understand that living in a horror novel could be so much worse.

4. What is the book that started your love for the genre?

I have a couple of answers for this. I was always fascinated by horror when I was small, but of course I was also more sensitive. Very easily frightened. So it wasn’t until I got to be about eleven that I started getting into the genre in a “serious” way. I put that in quotes because what I’m leading to here are Goosebumps books. They opened a door for me that I’m glad I walked through.

But it doesn’t end there. Within a couple of years of picking these up, I got into junior high school. I made a new friend who was reading Stephen King, and via “The Langoliers”, collected in Four Past Midnight, she got me hooked. I’ve been hopeless for horror ever since.

5. If you had to recommend at least one book from your favorite genre to a non-reader/someone looking to start reading that genre, what book would you choose and why?

I do have a Top 5 Wednesday post about this here. In a quick-fire bullet-point list, I’m going to give you five more recommendations. That makes ten altogether. You’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice. All of these would make great reads for first timers, because I feel they represent the genre well and are some of the best horror I’ve encountered.

  • The Burning by Bentley Little
  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  • The Cipher by Kathe Koja
  • Mystery Walk by Robert McCammon
  • Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

6. Why do you read?

In general? For so many reasons. Because I believe reading is important for your mind, your outlook, for gaining empathy, and for turning anyone who reads into a thinking person with their own opinions. It’s one of the best pastimes I’ve ever come across. I find it wildly entertaining and personally edifying. Reading has, on several occasions, saved my life. When I was very, very down, it’s given me an outlet. It’s shown me people who have felt the same way I do. I don’t recommend a life without reading.

If you like this tag, I encourage you to give it a try. And as always, happy geeking!

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