#T5W: Current Favorites That Aren’t Books


So I’m choosing to do this by listing my favorites in five different categories. It’s all pretty random, with the only stipulation being “not a book”. But maybe you’ll find something you like in this bunch. Let’s get started.

Music: This song. “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde. This was actually as recent as last night, because, yes, I am always behind the times. Why do you ask? In any case, I hadn’t jumped on the Lorde bandwagon. I thought “Royals” was cool and all, but it didn’t make me a super fan. A song like “Yellow Flicker Beat” certainly could though.

Jewelry: I am on the weirdest and most potent jewelry kick lately. I’ve always liked jewelry, but I’ve sort of gone into overdrive. I think it’s due to prowling around on Etsy and finding so much beautiful stuff. My most beloved purchase recently though was this full moon necklace. It simply suits me and my preferred aesthetic very well. Definitely get one for yourself if you feel the same way.

Let’s Plays: I enjoy watching Let’s Plays. I’m not very good at video games myself, and it’s an expensive hobby to boot. With YouTube, I can watch any game I want and experience it without having to plunk down more money than I have and then die a thousand times because I suck. So with that in mind, my recent watch has been ChristopherOdd’s playthrough of Alan Wake. Technically not a book but very book related actually. It pulls inspiration from Stephen King and Lovecraft and Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone, making it exactly my kind of spooky experience. Highly recommended for a game with a great story and lots of neat references.

Movie: Crimson Peak. I did a full separate review of this movie. I’m completely obsessed with it, and I’m no longer in control of my life.

Animals: Pugs. I think we all could use a pick-me-up right about now, and for myself I’ve been indulging in cute animal videos. I’ve discovered it doesn’t get more cute and hilarious than a pug. To the point that I don’t even know what to link here. Just go to YouTube and search for pugs. Anything that comes up will be the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen. It’s the quickest way to erase a bad mood.

Those are my picks. What are yours? Thank you for reading, and as always, happy geeking!

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