#T5W: Books You Want To See As TV Shows


You know what I like about this topic? It’s not about movie adaptations. It’s about an entire television show. Meaning the choices for this list are substantial enough that they could sustain an ongoing series with multiple seasons. So let’s do this thing.

5. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. This one seems to be caught in some sort of development hell, but whenever I hear some whisper about it, it’s always about a movie. No! Show! It’s such a long series with so many different ideas addressed. It would be very easy to make this a visually stunning TV series that would become the new thing everyone obsesses over. Also, the series is complete, so there’s none of that waiting on an author or the show getting ahead of its own story. It’s simply ready to be adapted if someone just will.

4. The Works of H.P. Lovecraft. I love horror anthologies. I think they’re loads of fun, and I wish they’d come back into style. This could be the way to do it. Again, everyone wants films of Lovecraft’s work, but aside from maybe “At The Mountains of Madness”, none of it’s long enough to sustain a two hour movie. But an hour long episode? Sure. They could set them in the time they were written. They could modernize them. They could make the characters more diverse. The possibilities really get your brain working when you start thinking about it.

3. Swamp Thing by Alan Moore. I’m specifically invoking Moore’s version of Swamp Thing here, but just Swamp Thing in general would be fantastic. It could be one of those shows like The X-Files or Supernatural, but the one dealing with the strange and unknown is a monster himself. The comics always handled that in very interesting ways, and if they can transfer that inspiration to a show, it would be incredible.

2. Swan Song by Robert McCammon. How many times am I going to talk about this book? As many times as it takes to get everyone to read it. It’s massive, I know. Meaning it wouldn’t make a very good movie. There’s too much there to squeeze into a small space. Something like this needs a TV miniseries. Remember when those used to be big events? Give it about four weeks to get the whole story onscreen. Not all TV series need to go on and on. Just long enough to make it epic.

1. The First Law Series by Joe Abercrombie. We have Game of Thrones. Which maybe isn’t a great example, since I personally love the books and have given up on the TV series. But I still hold out hope that GoT’s popularity could make it possible for The First Law Series to get made. It’s dark, gritty, and surprisingly funny, and anyone who loves dark fantasy would love this. I also would love to see who they’d get to play Glokta. That’s a prime role for any actor right there.

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