T5W: Authors I’m Waiting on Another Book From


This is my first Top 5 Wednesday, but I liked the topic enough to give it a try. T5W was created by gingerreadslainey and is currently hosted by Thoughts on Tomes. This week’s topic is all about waiting on that next book. So who did I choose?

5. Stephen King. This is such an easy answer. I’m always waiting on the next Stephen King. Luckily, he’s very prolific, so whatever comes next won’t take long. The reason it feels like a wait is because I devour everything he puts out as soon as it’s in my hands, so this is more a case of me being greedy.

4. Gillian Flynn. Again, this is a given. I’ve read everything she’s written, so now I want the next one. She put out a short story, “The Grownup”, as a teeny book, but that really wasn’t the same as having a full-length novel. I know she’s part of the projected titles for Hogarth Shakespeare, but as you can see, we shouldn’t expect her play on Hamlet until 2021. I really do hope she has something planned between now and then, otherwise that’s quite a wait.

3. Thomas Harris. I know. Who am I kidding? He’s the author that when people fuss about George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss, I drag him out. It’s not even that I want another Hannibal Lector novel. I think he’s mined those depths sufficiently. I want something, anything, else that he has in mind. He wrote the most thorough thrillers with such vibrantly real characters. I’ll take anything at all.

2. Josh Malerman. There is an upcoming book listed on Malerman’s Goodreads page as untitled, and it hasn’t really been updated. I’m sure he intends to write more than just Bird Box (an incredible horror novel, by the way), and I’m very eager to see what he has up his sleeve. His first novel was so original and terrifying. We need more fresh voices in horror fiction, and I think he could be a great one.

1. Bret Easton Ellis. It’s been a while since Imperial Bedrooms came out. For the most part, he’s been doing a podcast and working on films. Call me entitled if you want, but none of that satisfies me. I have not once been reading one of his books and pined for him to make a movie. Of course not. I want more books. This isn’t the longest wait between books that Ellis has ever had, but he seems like he wants to make a new record. I’m frustrated by that. Can you tell?

What authors are you waiting on? Let me know in the comments. And if you want to support this blog, check out my Redbubble Shop. As always, happy geeking!


5 thoughts on “T5W: Authors I’m Waiting on Another Book From

    • quillsblog says:

      Flynn’s work focuses on very flawed characters in bloody and strange situations, so it’s definitely for readers who like really dark and twisted stuff. I really enjoyed Gone Girl, but Dark Places is my favorite of hers. It’s a little more straightforward than Gone Girl was.

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