Loot Crate Lvl Up Accessories: March 2016


It’s time for an unboxing! Loot Crate passed out a coupon for their Lvl Up Accessories this time around, and I took advantage of it. So what was inside? SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Two items came this time, but technically you could call it five items. The first was a set of three elastic hair bands. While my hair isn’t long enough to use them, I’m the queen of finding alternate uses for things like these, and they’d easily make good bracelets. Since I think we’re all a little excited over the idea of the upcoming Batman Vs Superman film, I’m glad to have the Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman designs on these. Very cool.

The second item came in the swanky velvet bag pictured above, and it was two necklaces. One with a Superman symbol and the other with the slightly retooled Batman symbol. They’re silver, but it was hard to get that to show with my crappy lighting, so I apologize. They’re also high quality items. I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of the pendants, meaning this is not cheapo costume jewelry.

This was my first time getting the accessory pack, and I have to say that I’m a fan. I’m a geeky female who likes jewelry, so this suited me perfectly. Also, it arrived very quickly for how they only just shipped it. A really good experience all around.


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